Welcome to the Nursing Home & Elder Abuse Law Center. We specialize in elder abuse and elder neglect lawsuits against nursing homes and other long term care facilities throughout California. Our mission is to obtain justice for our clients when there has been neglect or abuse by a nursing home. "No Elder Abuse" . . . It's Not Just Our Legal Specialty -- It's Our Passion! Your call is confidential and absolutely free. And, our services are performed on a contingency fee basis, which means that there is no fee until we obtain a recovery.

Unfortunately, far too many nursing homes have a horrible track record of providing substandard elder care. Poor care and neglect to the elderly can quickly result in serious injuries or even death. As a result, elder abuse and neglect must be taken very seriously. What's more, our seniors often fail to report mistreatment for a variety or reasons, including: (1) being physically or mentally incapable of complaining due to dementia or other disability; (2) not recognizing abuse or neglect; and (3) reluctance to report neglect due to fear of retaliation. This is why, tragically, most elder abuse and neglect goes unreported. Consequently, despite having special legal rights, our elderly loved ones are extremely vulnerable to abuse and neglect by their care providers.

care giver and elderly woman It is our hope that elder abuse and neglect can be prevented before it results in serious injury or worse. Since the same mistreatment that a healthy adult may endure can have dire consequences to the typically frail and vulnerable nursing home resident, it is critical that we all do everything we can to prevent it. The prompt reporting of any elder abuse is a critical first step to its ultimate prevention. Likewise, if elder abuse has occurred, the abusive and/or neglecting party should be held accountable. If you suspect abuse or neglect to an elder, call 911 or your county's adult protective services department. See our webpage on reporting abuse if you have any questions.

After you have contacted the appropriate state authorities to report the suspected elder abuse/neglect, it is highly recommended that you contact an experienced elder law attorney so that you can be apprised of your legal rights. The reality is that most state's resources are very limited, and citations and/or fines imposed by many state agencies are typically miniscule compared to the profits being generated by the nursing home. As a result, if a nursing home is neglecting its residents, such neglect is not likely to stop unless and until the facility is forced to make changes. In our experience, such change typically occurs after a civil lawsuit for damages is filed against them.

daughter with her elderly mother The attorneys and legal professionals at the Nursing Home & Elder Abuse Law Center are dedicated to the prevention and prosecution of elder abuse and neglect. So remember, "It's Not Just Our Legal Specialty, It's Our Passion!"

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